At Ezeenah, we pride ourselves as a company that is a staunch believer on bringing down innovative make up & beauty brands that are trendsetters in their own right.

Every beauty label that is introduced into Ezeenah has been sourced directly from the brand itself or official distributors from the region.

We pride ourselves in being a company that chooses to stick to the very basic ethics of ensuring that we offer authentic products. The founder of Ezeenah, Zareen Shah, who is a Beauty Educator and Makeup Artist, is constantly educating her clients and those around her on the importance of using only authentic makeup products. “The health risks when it comes to using counterfeit makeup is no where near worth it. Why pollute your face with products that have been treated and produced in the worst possible ways, just because you want to be seen using the latest palette or eyelashes? If you can’t afford the brands that you want, there are plenty of dupes. An eye or lip infection is simply not worth it.”

Being a staunch advocate of ensuring that only real and authentic products are being sold on Ezeenah, we have partnered with The Verify App. The Verify App is a free blockchain based mobile application that allows consumers to verify the authenticity of a product by a simple scan.

The Verify App, started in 2018, and distinguishes authentic versus fake products and now has evolved into comprehensive platform with track and trace, marketing, analytics and reporting capabilities.

The partnership with Ezeenah and The Verify App solidifies how important it is for us to :

  1. Provide great makeup & beauty brands that are sourced directly from the brands themselves. There is no question on the reliability of anything that we stock. Everything is in writing and in the clear.
  2. Ensure that are clients know that they can trust that their money is giving them exactly what they’ve asked for, and not some look a like.
  3. To make sure that our client’s know that they’re in good hands. That we care enough as a company to ensure that we never stock, carry or sell anything that may physically impact them by causing them any infections or irritations.

Download The Verify App so that you can verify every purchase that you’ve made on Ezeenah is a legitimate and authentic product.