SANITATION 101 : Tips on Keeping Your Makeup Kit Safe For Your clients

A year after Covid 19, and the impact has been huge particularly within the makeup & beauty industry. We’re all a little cautious on the health and safety procedures that are being implemented from our local coffee shops, all the way, to our favourite beauty salons. It’s a no brainer that your clients will be carefully watching how you operate as a Makeup Artist, post Covid.

Clients may have turned a blind eye when you used mascara on them, straight from the tube, but not anymore. What used to be acceptable over a year ago, is no longer the case.

We’ve put together our favourite tips and practices that will benefit you, the working MUA, in gaining your client’s trust and confidence by the safety and cleanliness of your makeup kit. At the end of the day, your professionalism and practices is what will set you apart from the rest. Putting your clients fears at ease, especially in a time like this, will only increase and confirm their trust in you and your expertise.

It’s very common practice for the majority of MUA’s especially within this region, to use products directly onto the client’s face, eyes and lips. While it may be somewhat of the norm here in the Gulf, it is absolutely frowned upon everywhere else. Here are some of the essentials that we believe should be carried by every working MUA.

1. Alcohol

Irrespective of Covid, Alcohol is a must-have in every MUA’s makeup kit. It’s recommended to go for 70% Isopropyl Alcohol as it works as a better agent for disinfecting tools and objects.

If you’re a working professional, you already know that this is an item that you simply cannot do without. We makeup artists work on faces. It’s imperative that our tools are always kept clean and sanitized at all times. Make it a weekly routine of sanitizing all your makeup products. Not only will your products look cleaner and better, but you are ensuring the safety ad health of your clients.

2. Before investing in Bitcoin, invest in Disposables first ! We’re kidding – not really.

Disposables are an absolute essential for your makeup & beauty kit. They are efficient, cost effective and even time savers.

Your list of Disposables should include:

Mascara Wands

Lip Wands – can be used for liquid concealers as well

Cotton Pads

Q-tips (Ear buds)

Sponges & Powder puffs

Do not double-dip when using your disposables. Dispose of them after each single use particularly with mascaras, liquid lipsticks and glosses.

3. Use a Palette and a Spatula like your life depended on it. No, we’re not being dramatic.

Use a spatula to scoop out any cream or liquid products onto a sanitized palette. Avoid using any cream or liquid products directly from its source. Irrespective of how many clients you serve on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, all it takes is one bacterial infection to ruin a perfectly good product. Creams and liquids harbor twice as much bacteria than powder-based products. Keep in mind, that it’s human nature to blame as opposed to taking responsibility. If a client has recently hired you and gets an unexpected breakout, or worse an eye or lip infection, the first person they’ll usually suspect is you. Before you know it, that specific client may use that as a reason to never hire you again. Safeguard your profession and your reputation first. The only way to truly go about that, is by being consistent with your health and safety practices with your makeup kit. 

Here are some ways on how you can use a palette and spatula :

  • For products that are in tubes or bottles, squeeze or pour them onto your sanitized palette directly. Be mindful of how much product you pour out to avoid anything from spilling or drying out while you’re working.
  • Cream based products in jars or pots such as cream blush, stick foundations, cream concealers, lipsticks etc can be scooped out with a spatula and then scraped onto your palette.
  • Use Antiseptic Alcohol after each use. *We recommend that you wipe your spatula and palette with alcohol in front of your client first so that they can see that your tools have been sanitized specially for them.

When you work with ethics and a certain level of professionalism, it will always leave a more lasting impression. Don’t let your clients remember you as the MUA that came over with a makeup kit filled with dirty sponges and brushes.

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