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FaceMakeup Eraser

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This is a makeup magic wonder. This is a face cloth that only needs water to remove the toughest of makeup products including waterproof and glitter products. 

Remove your makeup with just the MakeUp Eraser and warm water. No soap, no facial cleaners, no harsh chemicals. Perfect for contact wears, nothing to get into your eyes when removing your makeup. Specially blended fibers create a smooth no loop surface on one side for removing your makeup. Flip it over and you have a longer fiber for exfoliating. It’s really that easy.

Instructions for use: machine wash before using, and when dirty just toss in the wash as needed,and it’s good for 1,000 washes.

To use: Thoroughly wet portion of cloth with warm water, rub in circular motion to remove makeup. Flip to other side to gently exfoliate.


This is a great add on to your kit as a MUA as it’ll help remove any makeup stains on clothes as well.

For Brides-to-be add this to your Essentials list. The last thing you want to worry about after your Big Day is worrying how to take it all off. This is an easy, quick and hassle free option that doesn’t require a bag of cotton balls and several makeup-removers !

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